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Goal 2 — Capacity Development

Support SAIs in developing capacity to maximize their value and benefits to society by:
1)Promoting the development of capabilities and professional capacities of independent SAIs and Regional Organizations;
2)Informing INTOSAI decision-making on SAI capacity development matters; and
3)Cooperating with donors, relevant partners, and stakeholders.
Strategic Objectives for Goal 2
2.1Identify capacity development challenges and opportunities in order to facilitate access to solutions including accessing the INTOSAI–Donor Cooperation.
2.2Strengthen structured INTOSAI professional development as an anchor for professional capacity development and potential INTOSAI auditor professionalization.
2.3Advocate for and support the development of capacity at both the SAI and regional level and maintain and enhance the usefulness and use of SAI PMF.
2.4Share capacity development insights and ensure responsiveness to SAI needs through, for example, communities of practice.
2.5Engage strategically with the wider international development community in the interest of SAI capacity development.