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Into-SAINT (Self-Assessment INTegrity) is a self assessment instrument that SAIs  can use to analyse their integrity risks and assess the maturity level of their integrity management systems. IntoSAINT can be an important tool in the implementation of ISSAI 30, code of ethics. In the INTOSAI Journal issue from October 2012 the importance of ethical leadership by SAIs was stressed and referred to IntoSAINT as a very promising tool for SAIs in this respect.

IntoSAINT  is developed by the Netherlands Court of Audit and at INCOSAI 2010 in Johannesburg  Ms Saskia J Stuiveling, president of the NCA, initiated a roll-out of the instrument within the INTOSAI community. In the meantime SAIs from practically all regions have risen to the challenge and participated in trainings and IntoSAINT workshops.

On the IntoSAINT website you can find the latest details about this programme.