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Committees of INTOSAI deal with issues of significant, recurring interest to all members of INTOSAI (such as preparing standards and guidelines for government auditing practice applicable to the whole of INTOSAI).

As such, committees should have a balanced representation of the organization's membership and clear direction from the Governing Board.

Working groups

Working groups are formed as a result of INCOSAI themes and recommendations to address SAIs' interests in specific technical issues, (e.g., privatization, environmental audit).

Working groups publish specific guidance and best practices as a result of their work.

Members of INTOSAI are free to join working groups according to their interests.

Task Forces

In addition to committees and working groups, task forces are formed by the Congress or the Governing Board as needed to deal with issues of significant interest to many member SAIs. Task forces operate for a finite period of time and are dissolved when their assigned tasks are complete.

Task forces should have a balanced representation of INTOSAI's membership.