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Goal 1 — Professional Standards

Promote strong, independent, and multidisciplinary SAIs and encourage good governance, by:
1)Advocating for, providing and maintaining International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAI); and
2)Contributing  to the development and adoption of appropriate and effective professional standards.
Strategic Objectives for Goal 1
1.1Provide a strong organizational framework to support INTOSAI's standard setting including a permanent standard-setting board (the FIPP), a technical- support function, and an independent advisory function.
1.2Ensure that the ISSAIs are sufficiently clear, relevant and appropriate to make them the preferred solution for INTOSAI’s members. The ISSAIs should be widely recognized by all stakeholders as the authoritative framework for public sector auditing.
1.3Promote the ISSAIs as a source for the development of auditor education and certification programs, as well as education and training standards.
1.4Work toward and ensure the continued development and maintenance of the INTOSAI Framework of Professional Pronouncements.
1.5Monitor the implementation and adoption of standards and feed any problems or issues back into the standard-setting process to ensure the standards are as useful and relevant as possible.