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PSC Steering Committee

In between the PSC meetings, the PSC Chair and the Steering Committee of the PSC will be responsible for initiating, planning and coordinating the PSC activities as well as the implementation of the standards and guidelines.

The Terms of Reference of Subcommittees are approved by the PSC Steering Committee.

In relation to these tasks, the PSC Steering Committee will receive short progress reports from the Subcommittees twice a year before each meeting, moreover draft documents made by the Subcommittees will be presented to the Steering Committee before distribution to the INTOSAI community.

1 | ChairBrasil
Minister Raimundo Carreiro
Presidente do Tribunal de Contas da União
Tribunal de Contas da União
Sector de Administração Federal Sul Quadra 4 - Lote 01
70042-900 Brasília DF

Tel: +55 61 33167251, 33167256

Rafael Lopes Torres: psc(AT) | rafaellt(AT)
Paula Hebling Dutra: psc(AT) | dutraph(AT)
Geoffrey Simpson: ECA-PSC(AT) | geoffrey.simpson(AT)
Alan Findlay: ECA-PSC(AT) | alan.findlay(AT)
15 | MembersPSC Vice-Chair - European Court of Auditors
CAS Chair – SAI India
FAAS Chair - SAI United Arab Emirates
ICS Chair - SAI Poland
PAS Chair – SAI Norway
CBC Chair - SAI South Africa
KSC Chair – SAI India
AFROSAI representative – SAI Cameroon
AFROSAI-E representative – SAI South Africa
AFROSAI-F representative – SAI Cameroon
ARABOSAI representative - SAI Bahrain
CAROSAI representative - SAI Cayman Islands
EUROSAI representative - SAI Sweden
OLACEFS representative - SAI Mexico
PASAI representative - SAI New Zealand
9 | ObserversINTOSAI Chair - SAI United Arab Emirates
INTOSAI Secretary-General - SAI Austria
PFAC Chair - SAI Saudi Arabia
President of the INTOSAI Journal - SAI Unites States
FIPP Chair – Mrs. Ganga Kapavarapu (SAI India)
INTOSAI Development Initiative
International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)
Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)
World Bank


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