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Subcommittee on Cooperative Audits

The Subcommittee is to develop advisory and consulting services by:

  • Developing a database of experts and investigators in public finance field. Professionals working today in different SAIs, as well as recently retired SAI staff, may be available to perform consulting and advisory duties;
  • Encouraging joint and coordinated or parallel auditing programs. Joint programs are useful to validate methodology, generate guidelines, and improve processes;
  • Encouraging internship and visit programs. The programs would facilitate the visit of professionals from other SAIs to share or receive current knowledge in innovative audit areas.

Experts and Specialist Database


Nelson Shack Yalta
Contralor General de la República
Contraloría General de la República
Jr. Camilo Carrillo 114
Jesús María

Tel: +51 1 3303000-1422, 3303000-1265, 3303000-1424
Fax: +51 1


Members (8)China • Fiji • Iran • Kazakhstan • Morocco • Pakistan • Slovenia