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WGFMRR | Working Group on Financial Modernization and Regulatory Reform

In the aftermath of the recent global financial crisis, governments have embarked on many efforts to modernize their financial regulatory systems, including consolidating or creating new regulatory bodies, and to reform their financial regulatory requirements, such as revising capital standards or subjecting products to greater regulation. This working group aims to assist SAIs in addressing the challenges that exist in this area by developing tools and knowledge sharing opportunities for evaluating national reforms, along with sharing information on progress of reforms, and systematically tracking information of reforms at national and international levels.

ChairUnited States of America

Gene Dodaro
Comptroller General
Member of the INTOSAI Governing Board
Government Accountability Office
441 G. Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C.20548
United States of America

Tel: +1 202 5124707
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Members (26)Austria • Brazil • Canada • Chile • China • Cyprus • Estonia • European Court of Auditors • Germany • Finland • France • Hungary • Indonesia • Italy • Mexico • Morocco • Netherlands • Pakistan • Poland • Republic of Korea • Russian Federation • Saudi Arabia • Spain • Sweden • United Kingdom