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WGPD | Working Group on Public Debt

Tasks of the Working Group on Public Debt include the following:

  • Prepare and publish guidelines and other materials for use by SAIs to encourage the proper reporting and sound management of public debt;
  • Identify key issues for the development of responsibilities and procedures for auditing and evaluating public debt commitments;
  • Prepare papers examining matters of definitions, reporting, and evaluating public debt;
  • Exchange knowledge with other institutions dealing with public debt issues;
  • Promote specific studies relating to the mandate of the Working Group.

The Working Group on Public Debt also has the permanent collaboration of the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI).


Mr Michael G. Aguinaldo
Chairperson of the Commission on Audit
Chair of the Working Group on Public Debt
Commission on Audit
Commonwealth Avenue
Quezon City 0880

Tel: +63 2 9319220, 9319232
Fax: +63 2 9319223

coraleadelacruz(AT), mgaguinaldo(AT)
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