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Goal 4 — Maximize the Value of INTOSAI as an International Organization

Organize and govern INTOSAI in ways that promote economical, efficient, and effective working practices, timely decision-making, and effective governance practices, while maintaining due regard for regional autonomy, balance, and the different models and approaches of member SAIs.
Strategic Objectives for Goal 4
4.1Monitor the implementation of the INTOSAI Strategic Plan including INTOSAI’s performance management efforts and contributions to the follow up and review of the SDGs.
4.2Manage and oversee INTOSAI’s resources to carry out the tasks outlined in the Strategic Plan in the best possible manner.
4.3Sustain and further develop the efforts of the INTOSAI Donor Cooperation.
4.4Ensure INTOSAI’s organizational structure, outreach, communications, and decision-making processes operate in an efficient, effective, and economical manner to the maximum benefit of SAIs.