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Action Plan – Peer Reviews on Independence(pdf – 1,1 MB)
Anniversary Publication 50 Years of INTOSAI(pdf – 2,5 MB)
Articles of general interest
CBC | 2018 Strengthening Supreme Audit Institutions | A guide for improving performance(pdf – 439 KB)
Collection of relevant literature to strengthen SAI capacity in the fight against corruption(pdf – 3,3 MB)

Communicating and Promoting the Value and Benefits of SAIs: An INTOSAI Guideline

(pdf – 208 KB)
Compendium on Innovative Practices of Citizen Engagement for Public Accountability through Supreme Audit Institutions(pdf – 1,9 MB)
Declarations of Lima and Mexico (Re-edition of the booklet on the Lima and Mexico Declarations including the unabridged text of UN Resolution A/66/209)(pdf – 692 KB)
Independence of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) — „Handout“(pdf – 269 KB)
INTOSAI Communication Policy(pdf – 117 KB)
INTOSAI Communication Guideline(pdf – 418 KB)
INTOSAI-Conference on Strengthening Supreme Audit Institutions - publication(pdf – 1,9 MB)
PAR | INTOSAI Performance and Accountability Report 2017—2018(pdf – 1,7 MB)
Position paper by the Austrian Court of Audit on the 22nd UN/INTOSAI Symposium (german and english)
(pdf – 582 KB)
Position paper by the Austrian Court of Audit on the 23rd UN/INTOSAI Symposium(pdf – 600 KB)
Publication "60 Years INTOSAI – 50 Years General Secretariat. Transparency, Accountability, Good Governance"
(pdf – 12,6 MB)

(pdf – 332 KB)
SAI PMF — Supreme Audit Institutions Performance Measurement Framework(pdf – 1,8 MB)
Strategic Plan of INTOSAI 2011–2016(pdf – 1,1 MB)
Strategic Plan of INTOSAI 2017-2022(pdf – 1 MB)
United Nations Resolution A/66/209 on the Independence of Supreme Audit Institutions(pdf – 33 KB)
United Nations Resolution A/69/228 on Promoting and fostering the efficiency, accountability, effectiveness and transparency of public administration by strengthening supreme audit institutions(pdf – 115 KB)