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2-3PASAI Governing Board Meeting - Auckland, New Zealand

14-15IDI Board Meeting – Oslo, Norway
21-2312th Global Working Group (GWG) meeting - Kumarakom, India
29-303rd EUROSAI/ARABOSAI Conference - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


10-1321st Conference of Commonwealth Auditors-General - Windhoek, Namibia
4th Meeting of the Working Group on Key National Indicators (WG KNI) - Helsinki, Finland
15-1720th Meeting of the Working Group on IT Audit – Sun City, South Africa

16-17Meeting of the Working Group on Programme Evaluation - Paris, France
30 - June 3    VIIIth EUROSAI Congress - Lisbon, Portugal

9-10Working Group on Public Debt meeting - Vilnius, Lithuania
16-17Meeting of CBC Sub-Committee 1: Promote increased capacity building activities among INTOSAI members - London, United Kingdom

PSC Steering Committee meeting - Wellington, New Zealand

13-1521st UN/INTOSAI Symposium - Vienna, Austria
18Finance and Administration Committee meeting - Washington, United States of America
18-22AFROSAI Governing Board Meeting - Libreville, Gabon
19-203rd Meeting of the Steering Committee of the Donor Funding Project - Washington, United States of America

15th PASAI Governing Board Meeting - Nukualofa, Tonga
2-514th PASAI Congress - Nukualofa, Tonga
4-54th Meeting of the Working Group on Value and Benefits of SAIs - Montego Bay, Jamaica

8-9Meeting of CBC Sub-Committee 3: Promote best practices and quality assurance through voluntary peer reviews - Vienna, Austria
12-145th Meeting of Working Group on the Fight Against Corruption and Money Laundering - Prague, Czech Republic
19-2343rd ASOSAI Governing Board Meeting- Istanbul, Turkey
226th Steering Committee meeting of the CBC - Marrakech, Morocco
22-23Ist ASOSAI/EUROSAI Conference - Istanbul, Turkey
27-29Compliance Audit Subcommittee meeting - Batumi, Georgia

5-63rd Meeting of the Steering Committee of the Committee on Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Services - Moscow, Russian Federation
17-22XXIst General Assembly of OLACEFS - Caracas, Venezuela
24-265th Meeting of the Working Group on Accountability for and Audit of Disaster-related aid - Antalya, Turkey
27-2862nd INTOSAI Governing Board meeting - Vienna, Austria

7-1014th meeting of the Working Group on Environmental Auditing - Buenos Aires, Argentina

TBD = To be determined
update: 12 October 2011