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International Journal


Egypt - 1995

  • Theme 1

Environmental Auditing:

    • Sub-theme IA

Einvironmental auditing - Its importance, definitions and results of the work of the environmental auditing committee

    • Sub-theme IB

Roles and responsibilities of the supreme audit institutions in environmental auditing

    • Sub-theme IC

Methods and techniques of environmental auditing

  • Theme 2

Improving Governmental Financial Management through INTOSAI's Committees:

    • Sub-theme IIA

Accounting standards

    • Sub-theme IIB

Auditing standards

    • Sub-theme IIC

Internal control standards

    • Sub-theme IID

Public debt auditing

    • Sub-theme IIE

EDP auditing

    • Sub-theme IIF

Program evaluation

  • Theme 3 - Symposium:
    • Privatization