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Organisation of INCOSAI XXIII in 2019

Pursuant to Article 4 para 5 let i of the INTOSAI Statutes, INCOSAI XXII determined the SAI of the Russian Federation as host of INCOSAI XXIII.

INCOSAI XXIII will take place from September 23-29, 2019.

ContactRussian Federation

Mr. Alexey Kudrin
Chairman of the Accounts Chamber
Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation (Schetnaya Palata)
Zubovskaya street, 2
119 991, Moscow
Russian Federation

Tel: +7 495 9861965 | 9860636
Fax: +7 495 9861795

intrel(AT) | lobanov_vg(AT) | incosai2019(AT)


Theme ITheme II
Information technologies for the development of the public administrationThe role of the Supreme Audit Institutions in the achievement of the national priorities and goals

Sub-theme I.1

Digital data application for public administration development

Sub-theme II.1

Strategic Audit: evaluation of goals, impacts and associated risks of governmental programs and policies

Sub-theme I.2

The place and the role of big data in the activity of Supreme Audit Institutions

Sub-theme II.2

Foresight and analytics in SAI: environmental and social dimensions of Sustainable Development

Preparation Schedule Theme IPreparation Schedule Theme II

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