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The INTOSAI webportal consists of a lead-in page (home) which, by activation of the desired working langage, guides the user to the start page in one of the five working languages.
The start pages in the different working languages provide general and password-prtected access to internal information (see further down "Structure of the home page "). Identical sets of information are available via a navigation bar with headings (see further down "Structure of the Categories").

The Structure of the Home Page

On the start page of your working language, you will see the national emblems in the right top corner for language selection. By activating these emblems, you can switch between the five working languages for the same content level.

The Start Page is operated mainly by the horizontal main navigation bar in the upper part of the page. The six headings (About us, Regional Working Groups, Committee-Working Groups – Task Forces, Documents, Events, On-Line Collaboration Tool) form the main nagivation menu on all sub-pages.

On the left of the start page you will see different symbols (house, envelope, question mark etc.) denoting:

  • the start page for the working languages
  • email contact to INTOSAI,
  • a help feature
  • the sitemap
  • a search function for the INTOSAI database.

The central part of the start page contains further information on current INTOSAI issues.

To the right of the page you will find feature boxes. The "Links" box takes you to the homepages of different international organisations with whom INTOSAI maintains regular contacts. "Document Search" offers a keyword search feature as well as an extended search option, which is also provided by the search symbol (magnifying glass) in the left section of the start page. The "Log-in" box is reserved to INTOSAI members and gives access to members-only information. The "Membership"box contains links to the membership directory.

The Structure of the Categories

After selecting a heading (About us, Regional Working Groups, Committee-Working Groups – Task Forces, Documents, Events, On-Line Collaboration Tool) the sets of information under that category appear vertically in the left part of the subpage. The information is then shown in the central part of the page by clicking on the desired set. These contents contain further links.

If there are printable files for the information requested you will see an icon with a keyword on the contents (e.g. Statutes) appearing in the featurebox "Print version" in the right part of the subpage in addition to the three standard feature boxes (links, document search, log-in).

Your help is useful!

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