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Executive Summary:

ISSAI 1 - The Lima Declaration


The document defines Guidelines on Auditing Precepts, which should be implemented in each country.

ISSAI Category:

Level 1: Founding Principles

Target Group:

Head and Audit Directors of SAIs, External Governmental Auditors, Legislative Institutions, Donor Organisations, Internal Auditors 


Founding principles of Public Sector Auditing refer to the following:

  • Purpose and types of audits
  • Independence of SAIs and its members
  • Relationship to Parliament, government and the administration
  • Powers of SAIs
  • Audit methods, audit staff, international exchange of experiences
  • Reporting
  • Audit powers of SAIs
Scope - Content:

The declaration contains a comprehensive list of all goals and issues relating to government auditing, while simultaneously remaining remarkably significant and concise, making it easy to use with its clear language ensuring that focus does not wander away from the main elements.

The chief aim is to call for independent government auditing. A Supreme Audit Institution which cannot live up to this demand does not come up to standard.

Rule of law and democracy are essential premises for really independent government auditing and are the pillars on which the Declaration of Lima is founded.

The precepts contained in the Declaration are timeless and essential values which have maintained their topicality since the years they were first adopted.

To sum up the declaration point out basics for audits and audit institutions, which are necessary for achieving independent and objective results.

Author - Committee:

President General EP Luis Montoya Montoya, IXth International INTOSAI Congress, Lima 1977, Representative for the Declaration of all Members


Approved at IXth Congress of INTOSAI, Lima/Peru 1977


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