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Executive Summary:

ISSAI 5410 – Guidance for Planning and Conducting an Audit of Internal Controls of Public Debt


This ISSAI should guide SAIs to encourage the sound management and proper reporting of public debt.

ISSAI Category:

Level 4: Specific Auditing Guidelines - Guidelines on Audit of Public Debt

Target Group:

Heads and Audit Directors of SAIs, External Governmental Auditors, Internal Auditors


The tasks of understanding debt's fiscal and economic interrelationships and responding to legislative requests to audit debt operations open a growing field of oversight for SAIs. These tasks require new audit methods and approaches.

Scope - Content:

The guideline provides a set of economic, budgeting and financial concepts and indicators that are used in assessments of public debt operations.

The document is set up in two sections: Section I deals with the role of SAIs and section II refers to audit objectives and procedures on the audit of public debt. The inner structure of both sections follows the same order and provides information on

  • Control Environment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Control Activities
  • Information and Communication
  • Monitoring
Author - Committee:

INTOSAI Committee on Public Debt


Publication by INTOSAI Public Debt Committee


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