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Executive Summary:

ISSAI 5430 – Fiscal Exposures: Implications for Debt Management and the Role for SAIs


The document explores key issues surrounding fiscal exposures that SAIs might consider in making judgements about a government’s fiscal condition.

ISSAI Category:

Level 4: Specific Auditing Guidelines - Guidelines on Audit of Public Debt

Target Group:

Heads and Audit Directors of SAIs, External Governmental Auditors, Internal Auditors


The document

  • Provides an overview of fiscal exposures that may have implications for long-term fiscal sustainability and for debt management and
  • Explores possible roles for SAIs with respect to these items
Scope - Content:

Specifically, the document:

  • Describes and illustrates what is meant by fiscal exposures;
  • Considers the relationship between fiscal exposures, long-term fiscal condition and debt management;
  • Identifies key issues and raises questions concerning the identification, assessment, reporting, budgeting and monitoring of some key fiscal exposures;
  • Provides examples of approaches for the reporting, budgeting, controlling and monitoring fiscal exposures and
  • Explores possible roles for SAIs with respect to fiscal exposure.
Author - Committee:

INTOSAI Public Debt Committee


Publication by INTOSAI Public Debt Committee, February 2003


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