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63rd Meeting of the INTOSAI Governing Board

The 63rd Meeting of the INTOSAI Governing Board has taken place from November 19 – 22, 2012 in Chengdu, China. Representatives from 31 different SAIs in their quality as INTOSAI Governing Board members and rapporteurs from INTOSAI Committees, Sub-Committees, Working Group and Task Forces as well as a Under Secretary General of the United Nations participated.

The following main results where achieved:

  • Endorsement of the Rules of Procedures for XXI INCOSAI to be held in Beijing, China from October 22 - 27, 2013 as well as a decision on the Beijing Declaration to be adopted by XXI INCOSAI as the single final congress document. The Beijing Declaration will be composed of the following parts: 1.) brief review of INTOSAI’s achievements and fundamental experience in the past 60 years, 2.) summary of the results of the two main Congress themes "National Audit and National Governance" and "The Role of SAIs on Safeguarding long-term Sustainability of Finance Policies, 3.) acknowledgement of the importance of adopting and implementing strategic planning for confirming INTOSAI’s vision and core values, 4.) acknowledgement of the importance of knowledge sharing and capacity building by highlighting INTOSAI’s major initiatives such as UN Resolution on SAI Independence and the adoption and application of ISSAIs framework and 5) highlighting the ISSAI on Value and Benefits of Supreme Audit Institutions - making a difference to the lives of citizens. Detailed information on XXI INCOSAI is available on the INCOSAI website:
  • Approval of the full membership of the SAI of South Sudan, raising INTOSAI’s membership to 191 full members.
  • Approval of the priority themes for 2013 "Implementation of the UN General Assembly Resolution A/RES/66/209 and Implementation of ISSAIs and INTOSAI GOVs".
  • Re-establishment of the Task Force on Strategic Planning under the umbrella of the Finance and Administration Committee.
  • Establishment of "The INTOSAI Standing Supervisory Committee on Emerging Issues" to report under the chairmanship of the INTOSAI Chair directly to Governing Board.
  • Approval of  the document "INTOSAI  response mechanism for emerging issues" explaining how INTOSAI will deal in the future with emerging issues.
  • Decision that the Chair of the Capacity Building Committee in cooperation with IDI will act as focal points for INTOSAI’s relations with the OECD-DAC and the broader development community.
  • Decision that the  SAI of the United Arab Emirates will be the host of INCOSAI XXII to be held in the year 2016.
  • Support of the establishment of a sustainable solution to handle development and maintenance of the ISSAI framework in the future.
  • Decision to withdraw INTOSAI GOVs 9200, 9210, 9220 and 9230.
  • Confirmation of the determination of the Governing Board to move towards a full application of all aspects of the Due Process for INTOSAI Professional Standards by 2013 urging INTOSAI Committees, Sub-Committees, Working Groups, Task Forces and Project Groups to comply with the regulations established by the Due Process.
  • Transition of the Chair of "Sub-Committee 3: Promote best practices and quality assurance through voluntary peer reviews" from the SAI of Germany to the SAI of the Slovakia, effective as of the 63rd GB meeting 2012.
  • Transition of the chair of the WG Environmental Auditing from the SAI of Estonia to the SAI of Indonesia beginning from XXI INCOSAI 2013.
  • Transformation of the "Task Force Global Financial Crisis: Challenges to SAIs" into a "Working Group on Financial Modernization on Regulatory Reform of Financial Markets and Institutions".
  • Decision to do research regarding the establishment of a Working Group on public procurement in 2013. Interested SAIs are asked to express their interest to the Chair of the Knowledge Sharing Committee, the SAI of India.
November 23, 2012


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