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XXIII OLACEFS General Assembly in Santiago de Chile

The XXIII General Assembly of OLACEFS, which took place in Santiago de Chile, Chile, from 9-12 December 2013 was devoted to the 50th anniversary of OLACEFS.

123 representatives participated at the General Assembly. In addition to almost all OLACEFS members, the SAI of China as chair of INTOSAI, the General Secretariat of INTOSAI, the Director of Strategic Planning, IDI, the International Journal of Government Auditing, the OECD, the Organization of American States (OAS), the Inter-American Development Bank, UNODC and the ECA took part as invited visitors and observers. The SAIs of South Africa, Suriname, the Cayman Islands, Cameroon, Macao and Guyana were also represented. Furthermore, civil society organisations participated for the first time at the OLACEFS General Assembly.

The General Assembly focused on four technical subjects:

  • Anti-corruption tool kit OLACEFS SAIs (Chair: SAI Mexico)
  • Environmental liabilities as a result of the destruction of biodiversity (Chair: SAI Argentina)
  • Impact of the Performance Measurement Framework for SAIs – synergy effects CEDEIR  - SAI PMF, OLACEFS - INTOSAI (Chair: SAI Peru)
  • Citizen engagement: cross-cutting principles of accountability that produce an impact on fiscal control and contribute to generating public value (Chair: SAI Costa Rica)

Furthermore, special meetings were held on the topics of fighting corruption, citizen engagement, implementation and significance of ISSAIs, development initiatives and presentation of the study conducted by the SAI of Chile/OECD on experiences made by OLACEFS with regard to external evaluation.

The General Assembly also provided the opportunity for the presentation of the INTOSAI–GIZ publication, which took the form of a 280 page-long book on "Supreme Audit Institutions – Accountability for Development"1) and the booklet by MERCOSUR on "Public external control in MERCOSUR – role of SAIs organization in MERCOSUR (EFSUR)".

As the main outcome, the OLACEFS members adopted the OLACEFS "Declaration of Santiago" (in spanish) and signed the document in a festive ceremony, committing themselves to the principles and recommendations laid down in the Declaration.

The Declaration addresses the following four main topics:

  • OLACEFS up-to date: taking stock and looking back at the challenges of the past 50 years
  • The mandate of SAIs: striving for good governance, fighting corruption and engaging citizens
  • Modernisation and adaptation to the developments of OLACEFS and its member SAIs
  • Commitment to and support of the INTOSAI principles

The Declaration refers to the most important principles of SAIs such as good governance, accountability, transparency, fighting corruption and promoting citizen engagement. Special mention is made of the United Nations General Assembly Resolution A/66/209 and its content as well as the INTOSAI Declarations of Lima, Mexico and Beijing, which are endorsed by OLACEFS members.


 12 December 2013

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