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The IV EUROSAI–ARABOSAI Conference was held by the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Baku, Azerbaijan from April 16 – 18, 2013.

The main topic of this IV EUROSAI - ARABOSAI Conference was "Modern challenges for SAIs Capacity Building", with the following three Sub-themes "Responsibilities of Supreme Public Authorities arising from challenges of UN General Assembly Resolution A/66/209", "Role of SAIs in achieving national development goals" and "Importance of specifying the boundaries and targets of external and internal public financial control in improving public financial management". Clear sign for the great interest in the themes was the number of participating SAIs, 45 representing EUROSAI and ARABOSAI as well as representatives from UN, UNDP and the European Commission.

The IV EUROSAI – ARABOSAI Conference resolved the Baku Statement encouraging:

  • EUROSAI and ARABOSAI to create favourable conditions in order to benefit from the capacity of INTOSAI and its Regional Working Groups in strengthening the status and mandates of SAIs;
  • EUROSAI and ARABOSAI members to support regional initiatives on raising awareness of supreme public authorities regarding the commitment deriving from the UN General Assembly Resolution A/66/209 on SAI independence;
  • EUROSAI and ARABOSAI members to enhance the implementation of the ISSAI Framework while conducting audits on national development programs by EUROSAI and ARABOSAI members;
  • EUROSAI and ARABOSAI members to reiterate their full support for the INTOSAI – Donor Cooperation as an effective tool to enhance partnership between the two groups and ensure the successful implementation of the ISSAI framework;
  • EUROSAI and ARABOSAI to broadly explore the possibility of applying modern forms of the exchange of experiences providing the basis for capacity building for their member SAIs;
  • EUROSAI and ARABOSAI members to work towards dissemination of good practices on determining frameworks and objectives of national financial control systems.
April 18, 2013


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