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XXI INCOSAI | Theme discussions, 60th anniversary of INTOSAI and conferment of the Jörg Kandutsch and Elmar B. Staats Awards

Day 2 of INCOSAI XXI was entirely dedicated to discussions on the two congress themes

I.    National Audit and National Governance 

II.   The Role of SAIs in Safeguarding Long-Term Sustainability of Finance Policies

The discussions on Theme I highlighted the fact that SAIs need a comprehensive audit mandate in order to fulfil their tasks. In many areas this is not yet the case, which renders the UN General Assembly Resolution A/66/209 and its call for the implementation of the principles of independence as stipulated in the Lima and Mexico Declarations vital.

The discussions on Theme II showed that SAIs need to perform audits on public debt and on medium and long-term budgetary planning in particular in order to play an effective role in sustainable development. For some SAIs, however, this is not possible due to the lack of a legal framework.

At the end of the second congress day, the Secretary General of INTOSAI presented the anniversary publication "60 Years INTOSAI – 50 Years General Secretariat – Transparency, Accountability, Good Governance. Serving the Citizens". This publication was distributed among all participating delegations and is also available on the INTOSAI website in "publications".

This year’s Jörg Kandutsch Award for meritorious services in government auditing was conferred by Auditor-General Terence Nombembe to Josef Moser in his capacity as President of the Austrian Court of Audit (ACA). In his speech, Terence Nombembe highlighted the successful national reform measures of the ACA and its activities with regard to the adoption of the UN General Assembly Resolution A/66/209 on strengthening the independence of SAIs.

In his words of thanks, President Josef Moser underlined that the award belonged to all members of INTOSAI as well as to the members of the ACA, as their active support had enabled the Court to successfully perform its tasks in the past years.

Eventually Gene Dodaro, State Comptroller of the United States of America and publisher of the International Journal of Government Audit, conferred this year’s Elmar B. Staats Award to Zhou Yining and Zhou Gangying for their joint article "Establishing Judgements about Materiality in Government Audits: Experiences of Chinese Local Government Auditors".

 23 October 2013


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