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XXIV OLACEFS General Assembly in Cusco

The XXIV OLACEFS General Assembly, which saw a record participation of some 200 delegates, took place in Cusco, Peru, from 24 to 28 November 2014.

The General Assembly revolved around the following technical subjects, which were introduced with general introductory/keynote speeches and then discussed in smaller groups by the participants (roundtable discussions of 50 minutes each):

  • Panel of experts on the theme: "Governance and fight against corruption" (presenters: OECD, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, UNDP)
  • Technical subject I: The role of SAIs in relation to public governance (chair: SAI Brazil)
  • Technical subject II: Internal control from the transparency and accountability perspective (chair: SAI Paraguay)
  • Technical subject III: Fiscal control and relationship with other autonomous entities along the countries of the regions: scope, exception and content (chair: SAI Honduras).

Furthermore, presentations and discussions were held on the Latin American and Caribbean Network for the Fight against Corruption, which, since its establishment in 2013, has proved to be highly efficient for the networking of various institutions in the fight against corruption. Furthermore, the 3I Program and the SAI PMF were presented under particular consideration of the member SAIs of OLACEFS.

One of the highlights was the detailed presentation of the programme on coordinated audits carried out in OLACEFS, which showed excellent results with regard to capacity building and the professionalization of OLACEFS members. In the last two years, six big coordinated audits with an average participation of 6-12 SAIs each were carried out (e.g. on biodiversity, extractive industries, information technology, water management). 82 % of OLACEFS members have already taken part in coordinated audits. One of the most remarkable results was the preparation of 13 generally accepted indicators on assessing the state of conservation of the Amazonas area and other nature reserves, which could be applied globally (please find further information at

The Declaration of Cusco (in spanish), which was signed by all full members of OLACEFS as the final document of the XXIV General Assembly, contains the most important results of the meeting in Cusco. Among others, the members commit themselves to

  • strengthening public governance for the benefit of economic and social development and sustainability in environmental matters within the framework of government auditing;
  • supporting endeavours geared at achieving a new resolution the United Nations General Assembly to include the basic principles for the work of SAIs;
  • supporting the recent initiative of INTOSAI to include independence and capacity building of SAIs as well as the improvement of public accounting systems in the Post-2015 development agenda;
  • promoting the efforts of INTOSAI and its Regional Working Groups to support common activities as contributions to implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by preparing recommendations that shall be taken into account in the Strategic Plan of OLACEFS and by participating in follow-up activities to implement the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • providing impetus for supporting the Latin American and Caribbean Network for the Fight against Corruption;
  • continuing inter-institutional efforts to prevent, identify and carry out follow-up measures on corruption as well as to prepare mechanisms concerning better coordination and mutual support for the exchange of relevant best-practice examples and experiences in the region.
4 december 2014

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