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INTOSAI Strategic Planning Efforts Underway

The INTOSAI Task Force on Strategic Planning's efforts are well underway to developing INTOSAI's strategic plan for the period 2017-2022. An integral part of this work is to ensure that all INTOSAI members have an opportunity to provide input and review and comment on the strategic plan as it is being developed. This approach is consistent with strategic planning methods used by many public and private organizations. The Task Force is gathering input from INTOSAI's members and external stakeholders to understand existing strengths and challenges as well as opportunities and emerging issues as we look to the future.

As a critical first step in the planning process, the Task Force has launched an internal scan questionnaire to all SAI members to get their views on INTOSAI's strengths, internal and external challenges, and emerging issues. Members can access and complete the questionnaire from any computer with Internet access. The Task Force strongly encourages members to complete the questionnaire, as their input is vital to creating the next strategic plan.

In addition to the internal scan questionnaire, the Task Force has begun interviews with INTOSAI leaders and the first phase of interviews with external stakeholders to identify emerging issues and to understand INTOSAI's relationships with other international organizations. These interviews with external organizations are also important to make sure the Task Force fully understands the broader global governance landscape within which SAIs and INTOSAI must operate. Following the upcoming FAC teleconference meeting on 25 June, the Task Force will begin the second phase of interviews with external organizations that have a deep knowledge of and/or ongoing relationships with INTOSAI.

The internal scan questionnaire and interviews will provide the context as the Task Force moves forward with drafting the next strategic plan in 2015.

The Task Force greatly appreciates members' commitment and input into the strategic planning process, as we together chart the course for the next strategic plan. If you would like further information or have additional insights or suggestions, please contact the Task Force at INTOSAIstrategicplan(AT)

 11 June 2014

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