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13th AFROSAI General Assembly in Sharm El Sheikh

The 13th AFROSAI General Assembly, to which 39 SAIs with more than 110 representatives of the Regional Working Group were invited, was held from 27 to 29 October in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Also represented were partner organisations such as the African Union Commission, the West African Economic and Monetary Union, the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), IDI and the INTOSAI General Secretariat in its capacity as observer.

In the framework of this event, the chairmanship of AFROSAI was passed from the SAI of Gabon to the SAI of Egypt. The SAI of Cameroon was officially approved as the General Secretariat of AFROSAI. Furthermore, the General Assembly adopted the Strategic Plan 2015-2020 as well as the Communication and Gender Strategy of AFROSAI. In the form of three workshops, the General Assembly provided all linguistic subgroups the opportunity to exchange opinions on the three strategic priorities of AFROSAI, namely "capacity building", "knowledge management and sharing" and "model international organisation".

In the plenary sessions, the participants discussed the three main themes "Audit of Regulators", "Audit of Local Authorities" and "Audit of Public-Private Partnerships". Special focus was placed on performance audits, capacity building and the exchange of knowledge and experiences among the linguistic subgroups.

The INTOSAI General Secretariat informed the participants on the aspired role of INTOSAI and its member SAIs in the UN Post-2015 Development Agenda and asked the participants to support the INTOSAI initiative to attain a further resolution of the UN General Assembly, which will be based on the Resolution A/66/209, to support SAIs with regard to independence, capacity building and the improvement of public accounting systems.

The "Sharm El Sheikh Agreements" were adopted as the official result of the 13th AFROSAI General Assembly.

11 November 2014

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