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66th INTOSAI Governing Board Meeting in Vienna

A total of 85 representatives from 29 different SAIs and countries participated in the 66th meeting of the INTOSAI Governing Board held at the Vienna International Centre in Vienna, Austria, from 6 to 7 November 2014.

The future strategic orientation and governance of INTOSAI, balancing the INTOSAI budget by different measures, the future standard setting and certification process or the election of the themes and theme chairs for the next INCOSAI in the United Arab Emirates where some of the core themes discussed on the occasion of this meeting.

The following presents some of the main decisions taken by the Governing Board in Vienna:

  • Approval of the two main themes for INCOSAI XXII in 2016:

    • Theme I:
      How INTOSAI can contribute to the UN post 2015 agenda including good governance in order to strengthen the fight against corruption?
      (Chaired by the SAI of Saudi Arabia)
    • Theme II:
      Professionalization: what can promote INTOSAI's credibility to become a more prominent international organization?
      (Chaired by the SAI of New Zealand).
  • Approval of the annual report and the audited financial statements for 2013 as well as of cost-cutting measures to balance the budget.

  • Adjustment of the membership dues every three years on the occasion of the INTOSAI Congresses based on an allocation-weighted Gross Domestic Product price deflator.

  • Amendment of the Handbook for INTOSAI Committees introducing an annex with practical guidance to arranging INTOSAI Committee meetings.

  • Creation of a Task Team to conduct research on a new role of the Governing Board in cooperation with the Task Force on Strategic Planning.

  • Approval of the chairs of Goal 1 (PSC), Goal 2 (CBC) and Goal 3 (KSC) joining the INTOSAI Finance and Administration Committee (FAC).

  • Endorsement that the INTOSAI Task Group on certification conducts further  research on the topic of certification at auditor and SAI level to consolidate efforts for SAI assessments to evaluate institutional structures, processes and tools in support of increased professionalization of SAIs, e.g. current peer reviews, the iCAT program, SAI Performance Measurement Framework and to cooperate  with other INTOSAI goal chairs in strengthening INTOSAI standard setting in relation to the common forum envisaged to deal with the framework for professional standards, and other initiatives aimed at strengthening professional  standard setting and standards implementation.

  • The Chair and first Vice Chair of the INTOSAI Governing Board as well as the SAIs of Brazil and Norway will become members of the Steering Committee of the INTOSAI Donor Cooperation, thus maintaining balance with donors membership.

  • Continuation of the priority theme 2014 "Implementation of the Beijing Declaration, with particular regard to the UN General Assembly Resolution A/66/209 on strengthening SAI independence and the ISSAI framework on safeguarding the sustainable development of public finances" as priority theme for 2015.

  • Approval of the efforts to improve INTOSAI's standard-setting processes on the basis of the PSC's mandate for 2013-2016. This process will be managed within the overall framework of collaboration between the goal chairs as envisaged by the evaluation report. In this regard, the PSC welcomes the invitation of the FAC to all goal chairs to join the FAC in order to continue the discussion on a sustainable solution for standard setting. The PSC will further ensure continued close cooperation with the TFSP as the report's recommendations on a permanent committee on professional matters, common supporting functions and the long- term perspective (cf. recommendations 1, 5 and 6) concern issues that must also be considered in the context within the process of the development of the next Strategic Plan.

  • Approval that the PSC will return to this important matter during 2015, where the Governing Board expects the group of goal chairs to assemble a common forum of technical experts to address standard-setting issues. As envisaged by the report, the Governing Board will subsequently – in 2015 and 2016 – consider a proposal to a revised Due Process for INTOSAI Professional Standards in consultation with the FAC. In this context, the Governing Board will decide whether the common forum should become a permanent body with formal responsibilities in the standard-setting process.

  • Approval of the change in membership – the SAIs of China and Indonesia as new members of the CBC as well as of the goals and key initiatives from the joint CBC work plan for the period 2015-2016.

  • Taking note of the following ISSAIs and INTOSAI GOVs/Audit Guideline being developed by the Working Groups under for presentation in the 2016 INCOSAI for its final approval:

    • ISSAI 5300: "Guideline in IT Audits", elaborated by the WG on IT Audit;
    • ISSAI 5450: "Guidance on Auditing Public Debt Information System", elaborated by WG on Public Debt;
    • INTOSAI GOV: "Public Debt Management Office" elaborated by WG on Public Debt; and
    • ISSAI/Audit Guideline: "Development and Use of Key National Indicators", elaborated by WG on Key National Indicators.
  • Creation of a special section regarding SAIs' experiences on the value and benefits of SAIs in the INTOSAI Journal.

  • Creation of a "Forum of Jurisdictional SAIs Network of General Prosecutors" as a sub-entity within the Working Group on Value and Benefits. This will be a space for reflection, collaboration, and exchange of good practices, as well as for creating a tool for evaluating the performance and the value of jurisdictional SAIs as independent, credible and effective bodies.

  • Establishment of a new Task Team, for conducting a study, within the INTOSAI community, to map the SAI's experience and efforts already made in terms of the principles included in ISSAI 12. The results will be used to determine three key principles to focus the Working Group's activities for the following period.

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12 November 2014

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