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IX EUROSAI Congress in The Hague

Innovation was the overall motto of the IX EUROSAI Congress, which was celebrated from 15 – 19 June 2014 in The Hague, Netherlands. The aim was to motivate SAIs to act in a future oriented way as well as being open to innovative developments like open data.

The Congress offered the more than 230 participants the possibility to choose among a total of 35 different workshops to exchange with colleagues experiences and ideas regarding issues of public auditing such as sustainability and impact of SAIs, citizen participation or new media (for more information please see

The participants were also informed about the results of the "2013 Young EUROSAI Congress". There was a presentation on the functioning of the human brain and in this context the show "Umdenken", underlining the importance of positive motivation and engagement manifested in the slogan "Yes AND" instead of "Yes But". Different possibilities of visualisation were also presented in detail.

The conclusions and recommendations approved by IX EUROSAI Congress represent a clear commitment of the EUROSAI SAIs to innovation.

 23 June 2014

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