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Presentation of Peer Review Reports on Independence

On the occasion of INCOSAI XXII in Abu Dhabi, the General Secretariat of INTOSAI presented the results of the first INTOSAI-wide peer review project in the framework of a seminar on 9 December 2016. This project was executed jointly by the Austrian Court of Audit, in its capacity as the General Secretariat of INTOSAI, and the Austrian Development Agency.

The overall objective of the project has been to enhance transparency and accountability of public finances by strengthening the independence of the seven participating SAIs from all re-gions of INTOSAI. The peer reviews focussed on the eight principles of independence as out-lined in the Mexico Declaration of 2007 (ISSAI 10).

The Cross-cutting Report, which is based on the seven individual peer review reports (in anon-ymous form) and which contains cross-cutting themes and solution-oriented recommendations, serves as a foundation for further action on international level to prepare and carry out future programmes to strengthen SAI independence. The recommendations are addressed primarily to INTOSAI, the United Nations and the international donor community.

The Lessons-learnt Report presents a summary of the practical experiences of the peer review teams and serves as a basis for further INTOSAI-wide peer reviews to support development aid.

The seminar in the framework of INCOSAI XXII aroused great interest among the INTOSAI community. The production of an international action plan by the INTOSAI General Secretariat on this topic is envisaged for 2017.

9 December 2016

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