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Conference in Peru on 40 Years of Lima Declaration

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Lima Declaration, the Contraloría General of Peru organized a celebratory conference on SAI independence in Lima, Peru, on 5 December 2017.

More than 40 SAIs and about 130 delegates from all regions of INTOSAI, as well as the INTOSAI Chair, the four Goal Chairs, IDI and some international organizations and institutions (International Fund for Agricultural Development, World Bank, Austrian Development Agency) participated in this event.

The General Secretariat presented the Peer Review on SAI Independence, which had been carried out by the Austrian Court of Audit (ACA), the INTOSAI General Secretariat and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) in all INTOSAI regions. The project manager presented the background to, the objectives and the results of this project. The peer-reviewed SAIs of Albania and Bhutan, which were represented by their heads, informed about their follow-up measures. The SAI of Slovakia, it its capacity as chair of the INTOSAI Subcommittee on Peer Reviews, reported on the project evaluation it had carried out jointly with the SAI of Norway. Mr Loimer presented the Action Plan and further steps to be taken.

The Chairman of INTOSAI, Mr Al Amimi, held the opening and closing address on behalf of INTOSAI and highlighted the efforts to enhance the organization’s standing to continue the progress attained by the Lima and Mexico Declarations and the UN General Assembly Resolutions on strengthening SAIs.

The four goal chairs of INTOSAI shed light on the importance of the Lima Declaration and of SAI independence from their perspective. In this regard, the Professional Standards Committee underlined the importance of ensuring that the ISSAIs are implemented in a comprehensive manner. In referring to the IDI 3i Programme, he commended the projects undertaken to foster such implementation. The Capacity Building Committee explained that the Lima Declaration was a foundational document, which had been complemented by ISSAI 12 on the value and benefits of SAIs. The SAI Performance Measurement Framework and its substantial contribution to assessing the level of independence of SAIs was also pointed out. The Knowledge Sharing Committee recalled its work on ISSAI 5000 on the principles for best audit arrangements for international institutions, which was in line with the Lima Declaration, and also highlighted the INTOSAI Community Portal. The Policy, Finance and Administration Committee, as the body chiefly responsible for the implementation of the INTOSAI Strategic Plan, drew attention to the interrelation between the latter and SDG 16.

The INTOSAI Development Initiative presented the results of the 2017 Global Survey and the alarming situation with regard to SAI independence 40 years after the Lima Declaration had been adopted: more than 50% of the SAIs that responded to the surveys were experiencing threatening circumstances with regard to their independence. The conference participants suggested the establishment of a High Level Advisory Panel related to SAI independence to address this problem.

The ADA elaborated on the importance of SAIs and their independence from the viewpoint of the INTOSAI Donor Cooperation.

Furthermore, the SAI of Peru presented the publication "40 Years of Lima Declaration of INTOSAI" by Mr Huber Weber, former Director General of the ACA. The publication is available in several INTOSAI languages.

6 December 2017

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