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Innovations in the INTOSAI standard setting structure

In December of 2016, the 22nd INCOSAI approved important innovations in the standard setting system of our Organization.

This short note will guide you through the most important changes.

Firstly, a revision of the ISSAI Framework was approved and the migration to the new structure is now in progress. One of the purposes is to make a clear distinction between INTOSAI principles, standards and guidance. It is expected that the revision be finished in 2019, resulting in a new framework called the "INTOSAI Framework of Professional Pronouncements (IFPP)".

As a means of guaranteeing quality and consistency in the Framework and of prioritizing standard setting projects according to the needs of the INTOSAI community, a new planning instrument was created: the Strategic Development Plan (SDP). This instrument sets up a general strategy for all projects aiming at creating, reviewing and withdrawing INTOSAI pronouncements. The development of the SDP is a collective task for the INTOSAI Committees, Subcommittees and Working Groups, including the new Forum of INTOSAI professional pronouncements (FIPP). The FIPP was established by the 22nd INCOSAI  to provide more quality and consistency to the Framework. Its role is to approve new INTOSAI pronouncements, in their different stages, before their endorsement by the  Governing Board and the Congress. FIPP became a single entry point for all INTOSAI pronouncements (produced within CBC, KSC and PSC) into the Framework. It comprises experts from different audit fields, chosen by the Chairs of CBC, KSC and PSC, with the endorsement of the Governing Board.

It should also be mentioned that a new version of the "Due Process for INTOSAI Professional Standards" was approved. The document introduces the FIPP and the SDP and clarifies the roles of each INTOSAI body involved in the standard setting process.

These innovations are quite recent. The new way of doing things has been in place for less than one year and the actors involved in standard setting are doing their best to fulfil the expectations involved in the whole process of changing. It is too early to have a thorough assessment of the benefits brought to the SAIs by this new structure. However, SAIs can already be sure that all INTOSAI bodies are working in coordination to improve –  the INTOSAI professional pronouncements for the community of SAIs. INTOSAI produces standards for the SAI and for the auditor and the ultimate goal of this innovation process is  to benefit the member SAI.

We hope that each SAI notices the standard setting improvements in the near future. For now, we invite the whole community to visit the ISSAI webpage, browse through the standards, apply the relevant ones and improve the SAI practices as much as possible.

27 October 2017

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