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Supreme Audit Institution Leadership and Stakeholder Meeting in New York

From 20 to 21 July 2017, IDI and the United Nations (UN) jointly held the "Supreme Audit Institution Leadership and Stakeholder Meeting", which focused on "Auditing Preparedness for the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" and took place at the UN headquarters in New York.

In the framework of this meeting, high-ranking representatives of SAIs and of important stakeholders engaged in an exchange of knowledge and experiences on topical themes and concerns related to the role of SAIs in reviewing the national implementation of SDGs (presentations).

The exchange of experiences revolved, among others, around the preparedness for the implementation of the SDGs from the perspective of auditors (under this agenda item, the INTOSAI General Secretariat informed the participants on INTOSAI’s contribution to supporting SAIs in their important task of reviewing the implementation of the SDGs), the need for a comprehensive audit approach, stakeholder engagement in audits, mobilizing means of implementation of SDGs through audits or the application of indicators.

The discussions revealed, among others, that

  • in reviewing the implementation of the SDGs, SAIs face the challenge of performing audits that go beyond traditional financial and compliance auditing;
  • governments, as well as SAIs, have to take a holistic approach when it comes to implementing, or reviewing the implementation of, the SDGs;
  • different stakeholders have great expectations with regard to the role of SAIs in implementing the SDGs;
  • those different stakeholders should be engaged;
  • numerous SAIs deliberated intensively over their contribution to the implementation of the SDGs and some have also initiated audits in this regard;
  • coordinated audits offer valuable opportunities for the exchange of experiences and knowledge.
31 July 2017

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