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CAROSAI 30th Anniversary Conference in Jamaica

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of CAROSAI, the Secretary General of CAROSAI and Auditor General of Jamaica, Pamela Monroe Ellis, hosted an anniversary conference in Kingston, Jamaica, from 15 to 17 August 2018.

The 30-year anniversary conference was entitled "Building the future on the foundation of the past".

The first day was devoted to the topic "Towards more Accountability", while the presentations and the ensuing roundtable discussion, which was moderated by the IDI, also addressed the importance of, the need for and the value of SAI independence.

Also the government representatives, who participated as speakers, were unanimous in their view that independent SAIs play a decisive role in ensuring enhanced accountability and transparency. As such, they must not be hindered in their work and be, in any case, entitled to report to parliament directly. They also agreed unanimously that, in the 21st century, SAIs should be more vigorous in raising awareness of their value and benefits for governments and citizens, in the spirit of the motto "break the silence". This would help them to receive sufficient resources more easily and to generate a better and wider acceptance and understanding of government audit.

The second day was under the heading "Acting in the Public’s Interest: A SAI’s Response" and covered the following five topics: "SAIs Fighting Corruption", "SDG Programme and Cross Cutting Audits – Sharing of Experiences", "Strengthening the Foundation for Future Relevance", "Generation Next – Managing Talent in the Public Sector" and "Institutional Strengthening for the SAI of the Future". All topics were considered from the specific viewpoint of CAROSAI.

17 August 2018

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