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SDG event held by the Austrian Court of Audit

On 25 September 2018, the Austrian Court of Audit (ACA) and the Austrian Ombudsman Board (AOB) organized a joint symposium entitled "Good Public Administration and Benefits for Citizens – the Role of Parliamentary Control Bodies". This event, which was held in the framework of the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the EU, addressed in particular the question of how SAIs and ombudsman institutions as parliamentary control bodies can ensure good administration and thereby contribute to the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

More than 110 high-ranking representatives of SAIs and ombudsman institutions from the EU Member States discussed thoroughly the contribution that parliamentary control bodies can make to a practical improvement of the citizens‘ quality of life. The discussions focused, in particular, on

  • the opportunities of SAIs and ombudsman institutions to ensure, through their work, good administration in the spirit of transparency, accountability and participation in line with SDG 16, and
  • an exchange of experience based on practical examples from selected areas of life represented by specific SDGs, such as health and well-being (= SDG 3) or the eradication of poverty (= SDG 1).

In the context of auditing the implementation of the SDGs, INTOSAI Secretary General Margit Kraker pointed to the importance of effective, accountable and transparent bodies such as SAIs and ombudsman institutions and highlighted the great commitment of SAIs and INTOSAI in this regard.

The central findings were outlined in the symposium's conclusions.

27 September 2018

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