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Round-table meeting in preparation of INCOSAI XXIII in St. Petersburg

In the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) of the Russian Federation, which will host the next congress of INTOSAI in Moscow in September 2019, organized a round-table meeting on 24 May 2018 in preparation of the thematic priorities of INCOSAI XXIII.

The two theme chairs, the SAI of the Russian Federation and the SAI of China, outlined the basic principles of the discussion papers produced by expert groups especially set up for this purpose. The papers addressed the themes "Application and role of information technologies for public administration development" and "Role of SAIs in the achievement of the national priorities and goals – strategic audit: evaluation of goals, impacts and associated risks of governmental programs and policies".

The Secretary General thanked the experts for the preparation of the draft theme papers and also expressed her appreciation to the respective vice chairs, the SAIs of Canada and Italy. She also highlighted the importance of the above-mentioned topics for the future work of SAIs worldwide. In this regard, she gave special mention to the advancing digitalization and big data, as well as the necessity of SAIs to evolve further, aiming at strategic audits and advisory activities supported by relevant analytics.

Ms Kraker was also the first representative of INTOSAI to meet the new head of the SAI of the Russian Federation and future chair of INTOSAI, Mr Alexey Kudrin, who was elected just the day before. She briefly informed him on the objectives of INTOSAI and underlined the importance of close and constructive cooperation. She also gave an overview of the ongoing preparations for the 71st Governing Board meeting and INCOSAI XXIII in Moscow.

28 May 2018

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