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1st ASOSAI–EUROSAI Conference in Istanbul

Cooperation between both Regional Working Groups reinforced

The 1st ASOSAI–EUROSAI Joint Conference from 22 to 24 September 2011 in Istanbul dealt with  "Ensuring Transparency and Accountability in Public Financial Management – Challenges and Approaches". Representatives of nearly 20 European and Asian SAIs enjoyed the hospitality of the SAI of Turkey and exchanged their pertinent experiences and expertise.

Highlight of the conference was the adoption and signing of the "Istanbul Memorandum", an agreement to reinforce interregional cooperation between both Regional Working Groups, which was signed by the respective chairs of ASOSAI and EUROSAI, Auditor General Rana from Pakistan and President d'Oliveira Martins. The Memorandum establishes a sound basis for the future cooperation to strengthen external government auditing by intensifying communication and technical cooperation between EUROSAI and ASOSAI.

In his presentation, INTOSAI Secretary General Dr. Josef Moser specifically pointed out that the quality and visibility of SAIs' work and their cooperation with the public – in particular with the citizens – are key factors for reinforcing SAI independence. The ASOSAI-EUROSAI Joint Conference has contributed to securing SAI independence by promoting the quality and visibility of SAIs' work as well as their cooperation with the general public. To safeguard independence, it was moreover essential to define core areas of INTOSAI in agreement with the Statutes and the Strategic Plan of INTOSAI and ensure that they only be financed from INTOSAI membership fees. The criteria, rules and responsibilities for any other areas of activity needed to be clearly defined, which was the assignment of a special Task Force that had been established at the last meeting of the Finance and Administration Committee and would be discussed at the forthcoming meeting of the INTOSAI Governing Board.

Presentations, documents and papers of the 1st ASOSAI–EUROSAI Joint Conference are available at


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