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The VIth EUROSAI-OLACEFS Conference was held from 13-16 May 2009 at Isla Margarita, Venezuela, at the invitation of the Supreme Audit Institution of Venezuela. 14 member SAIs of EUROSAI, 18 member SAIs of OLACEFS, the SAI of China and the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) attended the event.

The main conference theme was "Present and future environmental challenges, and the protection and conservation of natural resources", with the following two subthemes: 1. "The role of SAIs in safeguarding the heritage of natural resources of a nation", and 2. "The importance of joint environmental audits in a globalised world”, which were addressed in plenary sessions and workshops, with all participants actively involving themselves in the debates.

At the initiative of the Secretary General of INTOSAI, Dr. Josef Moser, and the chairman of OLACEFS, Dr. Julio César Turbay, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the SAIs of the Amazon riparian states and the states of the Guarani water reserve as major outcome of the VIth EUROSAI-OLACEFS Conference with a view to ensuring the sustainability of the globally significant natural resources which this region holds by a multilateral audit of these two regions.

The chairman of INTOSAI, the chairs and secretaries-general of EUROSAI and of OLACEFS, as well as the representatives of virtually all participating SAIs endorsed the intentions of the riparian SAIs by signing an Annex to the MoU and expressed their readiness to assist this audit project so vital for humanity.

The Secretary General of INTOSAI stressed the significance of the outcomes achieved in Venezuela for INTOSAI as a whole, and in particular for the debates at the XX INCOSAI in South Africa in 2010 where environment-related topics will also be addressed.

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