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Press release: Strengthened Strategic Direction for the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation

The 9th meeting of the INTOSAI-Donor Steering Committee was kindly hosted in Cape Town on 5-6 October by the Auditor-General of South Africa, Mr. Kimi Makwetu. Participants welcomed the synergies from holding the meeting, for the first time, in connection with the annual meeting of INTOSAI's Capacity Building Committee (CBC) ... more >>

Draft INTOSAI Statutes

In the past 10 months the Task Force on INTOSAI Statutes has elaborated a draft of the modified INTOSAI Statutes to adapt them to the new draft Strategic Plan 2017–2022.

INTOSAI members are kindly asked to send their possible comments to the SAI of China ( as chair of this Task Force until 30th September 2016. The revised Statutes are available in all five INTOSAI working languages.

Nevertheless comments should please be sent ONLY in English. ... more >>