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The main goal of the Pacific Association of Supreme Audit Institutions (PASAI) is to successfully implement its Regional Institutional Strengthening Plan.

The plan has five goals:

  • Helping SAIs meet their training and related needs;
  • Providing a means for sharing training information, methodologies, and technology in the region;
  • Ensuring the ongoing relevance of training and related activities;
  • Securing the necessary resources for plan implementation; and
  • Promoting best practices and methodology and strengthening SAIs" organisational structures.

The Plan's specific goals are implemented by a Regional Institutional Strengthening Committee (RISC).

As a result of the plan, a number of training workshops have been held. The workshops have covered areas such as financial auditing, performance (value-for-money) auditing, instructional techniques, and course design and development.

First working contacts between the SAIs in the Pacific region date back to 1973. PASAI was formally accepted as a Regional Working Group of INTOSAI in 1987.

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TuvaluNew Zealand

Eli Lopati
Chairman of PASAI
Office of the Auditor General
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John Ryan
Controller and Auditor-General
Secretary General of PASAI
PASAI General Secretariat
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