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The Contact Committee of the Supreme Audit Institutions of the European Union


    The Contact Committee is an assembly of the Heads of the Supreme Audit Institutions of the EU Member States and of the European Court of Auditors. It is an autonomous, independent and non-political assembly which meets every year.

    In order to contribute to the improvement of EU financial management and good governance, the Contact Committee focuses its activities around six strategic goals. These include exchange of EU-relevant knowledge and experience within an EU context, improvement of professional cooperation among its members, initiation and coordination of audit activities of common interest in the EU field as well as determining positions on emerging issues in this area. The Contact Committee cooperates with SAIs of EU candidate and potential candidate countries and puts effort into sharing information, views and results with interested parties outside the Contact Committee.

    To achieve these goals the Contact Committee has established several working groups and expert networks, organises training events, seminars and supports contacts among its auditors.

    Representatives of the INTOSAI Development Initiative attend meetings of the Contact Committee as active observers.