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ISSAI 1710 – Comparative Information - Corresponding Figures and Comparative Financial Statements


This Practice Note provides supplementary guidance on ISA 710: Comparative Information – Corresponding Figures and Comparative Financial Statements.

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Public sector external auditors

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ISA 710 deals with the auditor's responsibilities relating to comparative information in an audit of financial statements.

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The nature of the comparative information that is presented in an entity's financial statements depends on the requirements of the applicable financial reporting framework.

There are two different broad approaches to the auditor's reporting responsibilities in respect of such comparative information: corresponding figures and comparative financial statements. The essential auditing reporting differences between the approaches are

  • For corresponding figures, the auditor's opinion on the financial statements refers to the current period only; whereas
  • For comparative financial statements, the auditor's opinion refers to each period for which financial statements are presented.

The Practice Note provides additional guidance for public sector auditors related to

  • Scope of the ISA
  • Audit reporting


INTOSAI Professional Standards Committee – Financial Audit Subcommittee


Approved at XXth Congress of INTOSAI, Johannesburg 2010


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ISA 710 is applicable to auditors of public sector entities in their role as auditors of financial statements.

When the financial statements of the prior period have been audited by a predecessor auditor or were not audited, the requirements and guidance in ISA 510 (Initial Audit Engagements – Opening Balances) also apply.