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ISSAI 5230 – Guidelines on Best Practice for the Audit of Economic Regulation


ISSAI 5230 is a set of recommendations on best practice for the audit of economic regulation, identifying five areas of particular concern for INTOSAI members.

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Heads and Audit Directors of SAIs, External Governmental Auditors, Internal Auditors

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The guidelines highlight a series of key questions that SAIs are likely to need to address when examining the efficiency and effectiveness with which economic regulators set about their tasks.

Economic regulation is an evolving concept and is practised in a variety of ways in different countries with different constitutions and at different stages of development. So the guidelines may need to be applied in the particular circumstances of different countries with appropriate modifications to take account of the state of development there.

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The guidelines are illustrated by examples drawn from the INTOSAI survey report and the experience of Working Group members. They are grouped in five sections:

  • SAI skills
  • The business of economic regulation (i.e. its objectives, functions and powers)
  • The supply and
  • The price of service
  • Developing competition.

The guidelines should be seen as suggestions and advice, put forward in light of experience so far; they are not set laws or procedures.


INTOSAI Working Group on the Audit of Privatisation


Approved at XVIIth Congress of INTOSAI, Seoul 2001


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