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Более ранняя информация 2017

Конференция, посвященная 40-летию утверждения Лимской декларации в Перу

5 декабря 2017 года в Лиме Счетная палата Перу организовала торжественную конференцию, посвященную независимости ВОА, в ознаменование 40-летия Лимской декларации. ... подробнее >>


Генеральный секретарь ИНТОСАИ приняла участие в Конференции по устойчивому развитию "SIGNALS 2017 " в Вильнюсе, Литва

28 ноября 2017 года ВОА Литвы организовала Конференцию «SIGNALS 2017» по устойчивому развитию. ... далее >>

 70-ое заседание Управляющего совета ИНТОСАИ в Граце, Австрия

Более 33 делегации из, которых 20 руководителей ВОА встретились в Граце (Австрия), по приглашению Генерального секретариата ИНТОСАИ для 70-ого заседания Управляющего совета 6-ого и 7-ого ноября 2017 года. ... далее >>

Высший орган финансового контроля Саудовской Аравии заявил о финансовой поддержке проведения контрольных мероприятий целей устойчивого развития (ЦУР) в развивающихся странах

Грац, Австрия | 7-ое ноября 2017 года

Высший орган аудита (ВОА) Саудовской Аравии подписал сегодня грантовое соглашение о поддержке Инициативы развития ИНТОСАИ (IDI) в области работы по оказанию помощи в проведении контрольных мероприятий целей устойчивого развития (ЦУР). Финансирование позволит IDI расширить свою программу «Auditing the SDGs» («Аудит ЦУР»), чтобы адекватно отреагировать на увеличение спроса на эту программу более чем в 100 странах мира. ... далее >>

Innovations in the INTOSAI standard setting structure

In December of 2016, the 22nd INCOSAI approved important innovations in the standard setting system of our Organization.

This short note will guide you through the most important changes.

Firstly, a revision of the ISSAI Framework was approved and the migration to the new structure is now in progress. One of the purposes is to make a clear distinction between INTOSAI principles, standards and guidance. ... more >>

XXVII OLACEFS General Assembly in Paraguay

The XXVII OLACEFS General Assembly was held in Asunción, Paraguay, from 3 to 6 October 2017 and hosted some 150 participants. In addition to 20 SAIs holding full OLACEFS membership, numerous associate members and observers took part in this event, such as the Chair of INTOSAI and representatives of the INTOSAI General Secretariat, the IDI, the World Bank, the OECD, the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) or the Inter-American Development Bank. ... more >>

Revised Guide on Building Capacity in SAIs
your help is kindly requested

In 2016, the CBC Steering Committee requested the CBC work stream on guides and occasional papers to review the catalogue of existing guides and decide which should be updated. It was agreed that the first guide to be updated would be Building Capacity in SAIs, which is the most popular / downloaded guide but now over 10 years old. An external consultant was engaged to update the report.

In order to make the updated guide as useful as possible, we would like to invite the SAI community to comment on the draft guide.

Please send your comments on the draft to international(AT)nao.gsi.gov.uk by 31 October 2017 and we will forward on to the external consultant producing the guide.

[Translate to русский:] Supreme Audit Institution Leadership and Stakeholder Meeting in New York

From 20 to 21 July 2017, IDI and the United Nations (UN) jointly held the "Supreme Audit Institution Leadership and Stakeholder Meeting", which focused on "Auditing Preparedness for the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" and took place at the UN headquarters in New York. ... more >>

[Translate to русский:] 24th UN/INTOSAI Symposium in Vienna

The 24th UN/INTOSAI Symposium, which was jointly organized by the INTOSAI General Secretariat and the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), was held at the Vienna International Centre in Vienna from 31 May to 2 June 2017.

Entitled "Digitalization, open data and data mining: relevance and implications for SAIs’ audit work and for enhancing their contributions to the follow-up and review of the SDGs" ... more >>

[Translate to русский:] INTOSAI General Secretariat takes part in the 16th session of the United Nations Committee of Experts on Public Administration (CEPA)

The 16th session of the UN Committee of Experts on Public Administration (CEPA) took place at the UN Headquarters in New York from 24 to 28 April 2017 ... more >>

[Translate to русский:] Sudden death of former Netherlands Court of Audit President

It is with great sadness that the Netherlands Court of Audit announced the death of former President Saskia Stuiveling on 20 April 2017. Saskia Stuiveling was a member of the Netherlands Court of Audit from 1984 to 2015 and its President for the last 16 years ... more >>

[Translate to русский:] INTOSAI Audit

From 6 to 10 March 2017, INTOSAI's financial statements for the year 2016 were audited at the headquarters of the INTOSAI General Secretariat in Vienna, Austria. ... more >>

[Translate to русский:] IDI | New web interface

The IDI has a new and exciting web interface for all its stakeholders beginning 2017. It is available at the same address as the previous website: www.idi.no