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XXVII OLACEFS General Assembly in Paraguay

The XXVII OLACEFS General Assembly was held in Asunción, Paraguay, from 3 to 6 October 2017 and hosted some 150 participants. In addition to 20 SAIs holding full OLACEFS membership, numerous associate members and observers took part in this event, such as the Chair of INTOSAI and representatives of the INTOSAI General Secretariat, the IDI, the World Bank, the OECD, the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) or the Inter-American Development Bank.

The General Assembly focused on the two themes entitled "The Use of Big Data Analysis in the Audit Function” and “Performance Audits in the Evaluation of the Sustainable Development Goals".

The participants unanimously agreed on the importance of distinguishing between "data" and "information". Only well-prepared data providing precise information is applicable for political decision-making. As the quality of the available data is decisive, national statistical institutes shall be strengthened in a sustained manner. Furthermore, big data should be increasingly applied in fraud prevention in areas such as transfer payments (pensions, etc.), healthcare or social affairs. By interconnecting and analyzing all available public-sector data and information, a sustainable contribution can be made to this end.

The participants also discussed performance audits on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and came to the conclusion that SAIs are to serve as principal agents and guarantors for SDG implementation and monitoring. Moreover, they should act as watchdogs with regard to how the 17 goals are put into practice. From now on, OLACEFS will organize annual meetings in Chile on the follow-up of SDG implementation in the OLACFES region. Special attention will be given to the fight against poverty and hunger, the violation of human rights, as well as environmental protection and education, while applying holistic approaches. The participants emphasized the importance of sufficient and comprehensive training and capacity-building measures concerning SDG audits.

The highlight of the General Assembly was the adoption of the "Declaration of Asunción on Budget Security and Financial Stability of SAIs", which was signed by all OACEFS heads of SAI. This Declaration provides information on the legal foundations of SAI independence, as well as concrete actions and measures to be taken to enhance the financial independence of SAIs.

9 October 2017

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