INTOSAI Task Force on Strategic Planning


In September 2019, the 72nd International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) Governing Board re-established the INTOSAI Task Force on Strategic Planning (TFSP). The TFSP intends to ensure that INTOSAI continues to evolve as a dynamic and inclusive organization where our mutual experiences benefit us all. The Task Force will gather input to develop the next strategic plan, ensure continuity of the INTOSAI Strategic Plan for 2023-2028, and establish a means for sound monitoring of the plan’s implementation.

The TFSP is chaired by the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) and composed of the Secretary General; Goal Chairs and Vice-Chairs; Policy, Finance and Administration Committee members; INTOSAI and Regional Organization Chairs and Secretariats; INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI); INTOSAI Journal; and the Forum of INTOSAI Professional Pronouncements (FIPP) Chair and Vice-Chair.


INTOSAI leaders representing 21 Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) gathered for the inaugural meeting via teleconference in February 2020. The Task Force discussed plans for the strategic planning process and opportunities to provide insight into global challenges and trends, best practices in gathering INTOSAI member input, and recommendations for creating task force operational efficiencies.

  Approach and Member Input

The Task Force is committed to a strategic planning process that is open and inclusive and fully considers all points of view. A vital part of this process is to make sure that all INTOSAI members have an opportunity to provide input and review and comment on the strategic plan as it is being developed. The Task Force will launch a disciplined internal and external scanning effort in the coming months that fully reflects and embraces the evolving role of INTOSAI as a key participant in global governance issues and as a standard setting body for external auditing.

  Next Steps

As part of the internal scan, the TFSP will administer a web-based survey to all INTOSAI members in 2020. The survey will focus on identifying INTOSAI’s strengths and opportunities to help INTOSAI address the needs of all members.

The Task Force will also solicit input from external partners to understand their perspectives on INTOSAI’s strengths, how INTOSAI can continue to evolve as an international organization and emerging opportunities and challenges.

The INTOSAI Task Force on Strategic Planning will use the internal and external scan information to frame the 2023–2028 draft strategic plan before it sharing the draft with all INTOSAI members for their review and comment.

The Task Force also plans to leverage INTOSAI meetings as additional venues for soliciting input on the planning process.