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The calendar lists all INTOSAI events e.g.: Congresses, Meetings of the Governing Board, General Assemblies and Congresses of regional organizations; Meetings of committees; UN/INTOSAI symposia etc.

For further information on regional training courses please contact the general secretariat of the respective regional organization, or the chair of the respective committee, sub-committee, working group or task force.



Meeting of the Working Group on Financial Modernization and Regulatory WGFMRR virtual meeting


17th Meeting of the Policy, Finance and Administration Committee PFAC virtual meeting

05/10 — 09/10/2020

FIPP web-meetings – 3 sessions October 2020 FIPP virtual meeting


PSC – 17th meeting of the Steering Committee PSC SC virtual meeting

06/10 — 07/10/2020

SAIs auditing of donor funds CBC virtual meeting

26/10 — 30/10/2020

— postponed — XXX OLACEFS General Assembly OLACEFS


74th Meeting of the Governing Board of INTOSAI INTOSAI virtual meeting


IDI Board Meeting IDI virtual meeting


Meeting of the Financial Audit and Accounting Subcommittee FAAS virtual meeting

24/11 — 25/11/2020

14th Meeting of the Working Group on the Fight Against Corruption and Money Laundering WGFACML virtual meeting

24/11 — 27/11/2020

FIPP web-meetings – 3 sessions November 2020 FIPP virtual meeting

07/12 — 11/12/2020

15th General Assembly of AFROSAI AFROSAI Dakar, Senegal

30/05 — 03/06/2021

XI EUROSAI Congress EUROSAI Prague, Czech Republic