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INTOSAI letter to the IMF

INTOSAI and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) share the goal to ensure transparency, accountability and inclusiveness in the use of government expenditure, including emergency funding, through encouraging and supporting SAIs to undertake relevant, high-quality audits and to report their findings. To enable this, there is a shared vision of independent and professional SAIs, and a commitment to supporting SAI development.

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, an enhanced dialogue at the country level between the IMF, SAIs and stakeholders on the audit of emergency funding and the institutional and organizational reforms is even more needed to enable SAIs to conduct their work in an independent and professional manner. INTOSAI and the IDI commit to encouraging and supporting SAIs to participate in such dialogue.

Therefore, an annual dialogue between the IMF and the INTOSAI community, facilitated by the IDI, with the involvement of all stakeholders to share views, experiences and lessons learned and to track progress in the audit of emergency funding was proposed.

To this end, an INTOSAI letter, signed by the INTOSAI Chair, the Secretary General, the IDI Chair and the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Policy, Finance and Administration Committee was sent to the IMF.

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