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INTOSAI PFAC Initiative on the COVID-19 Pandemic

The INTOSAI Policy, Finance, and Administration Committee (PFAC) has launched an INTOSAI COVID-19 initiative that will be led by the SAI of the United States of America (PFAC Vice Chair) in consultation with the SAI of Saudi Arabia (PFAC Chair) and all interested PFAC members.

Underpinning this initiative is the recognition that strong and capable SAIs will be of even greater importance and value now and in the future, as they will play a major role in auditing related programs and expenditures, and in seeking to prevent future pandemics.

Working together, this initiative will focus on:

  • Maintaining continuity of operations within INTOSAI,
  • Assisting individual SAIs with their continuity of operations,
  • Sharing practical, technical, and audit-related information across INTOSAI members via a dedicated webpage; and
  • Developing a high-level lessons learned document for external stakeholders such as the United Nations and the World Health Organization that will focus on preventing or minimizing similar situations in the future, with an emphasis on actions that could be taken to limit the spread of disease via aviation.

Key issues that will be addressed within these work streams include practical information on remote work, the use of technology for virtual meetings, real-time auditing, and staff training, among others.

This initiative will also involve sharing relevant audit findings and methodologies on topics such as pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response; past audits related to disease outbreaks such as Ebola and SARS; health systems; financial markets; and expenditures related to COVID-19.

This initiative is envisioned as short-term, informal, and will involve discussions among the PFAC, with outreach to regional and sub-regional bodies as well as INTOSAI working bodies with relevant interests and jurisdiction.

More information will be forthcoming soon.

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