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Letter from the Chair of INTOSAI

February 2024

The role of Supreme Audit Institutions in the prevention and mitigation of disasters

It is notorious that natural disasters have become increasingly more common on our planet. This alarming reality is a result of various factors, notably population growth, disorderly occupation of space, intense urbanization, and industrialization, which consequently cause global warming.

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Letter from the Chair of INTOSAI

June 2024

Energy Transition in the Context of the Climate Crisis

Energy is essential for economic growth and social development as it powers our homes, industries, and societies. At the core of the…

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Implementation of the Strategic Development Plan (SDP 2023–2028)

Invitation to help implement the Strategic Development Plan (SDP) for INTOSAI’s Professional Pronouncements

Some weeks ago, the Professional Standards Committee contacted all SAIs and Regional…

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L'indépendance des ISC sous les feux de la rampe

La question de l'indépendance des ISC et la nécessité de reconnaître les répercussions créées par un déclin des mandats des ISC et de leur autonomie opérationnelle sont abordées dans l'article…

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