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Meeting between Secretary General Margit Kraker and Chair Alexei Kudrin

On 20 February 2020, the INTOSAI Secretary General, Margit Kraker, and the INTOSAI Chair, Alexei Kudrin, met in Vienna.

The INTOSAI Chair highlighted the significance of strategic audits in order to assess whether agreed strategies have been implemented and to evaluate the indicators to measure the achievement of objectives. In this context, he presented the idea to publish a compilation of best practice examples within INTOSAI. Furthermore, he reaffirmed the role of SAIs in view of auditing the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – as already laid down in the Moscow Declaration. Mr Kudrin also suggested an enhanced exchange of experiences in INTOSAI on digitalization, data analysis and open data. As already outlined in the framework of INCOSAI XXIII, he proposed the creation of an INTOSAI university via an online platform to facilitate the exchange of lessons learned with regard to the principles defined in the Moscow Declaration. Such an online platform should not only provide information to SAIs but also to the general public and the citizens. Furthermore, he announced that a scientific conference on public auditing would be held in 2021.

Secretary General Margit Kraker pointed to the General Secretariat’s role as a central point of information and coordination for SDG-related activities within INTOSAI and presented an SDG action plan of INTOSAI, which had been prepared by the most important INTOSAI players. As regards the topic of data analysis, she highlighted the EUROSAI Congress to be held in Prague in May/June 2020, whose outcomes should feed into the further strategy of the INTOSAI community in this regard. As to the proposed INTOSAI online university, she underlined, on the one hand, the need to include this endeavour into the new Strategic Plan, and, on the other hand, to carry out all related plans in close coordination with the CBC and IDI. Finally, she informed the Chair about upcoming important dates in INTOSAI.

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