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UN Global Workshop for SDG-VNR – Knowledge Exchange in Geneva

On 17 October 2018 the INTOSAI General Secretariat participated in Geneva within the UN-DESA Global Workshop for SDG Voluntary National Reviews (VNR) in a Knowledge Exchange on approaches and tools for the VNRs to be presented the UN High Level Political Forum.

To offer the 50 participating countries the opportunity to learn about different tools, methodologies and approached that could support them in the preparation of their VNRs, UN-DESA had invited more than 20 UN entities, international organizations, Civil Society Organizations and stakeholders to facilitate an intensive knowledge exchange.

Selected stakeholders - among them INTOSAI - presented in short information "pitches" approaches and tools that could be helpful in the VNR preparation process as well as for implementing the 2030 Agenda more generally.

In addition, six small workshops were organized where the invited organizations acted as knowledge facilitators for the member states. The information on the INTOSAI approaches, methods, already conducted audits on the preparedness of national governments to implement of the SDG as well as on SDGs related INTOSAI activities were highly appreciated and welcomed by the participants.

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