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This tool provides you with an overview of the reports on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) published by the INTOSAI member SAIs.

The world map below allows you to zoom in on the individual countries to see how many SDG reports have been published to date. When you click on a country, you will see, in the detailed results provided further down, the full report (in one or more of INTOSAI’s official languages). If available, you will also see the report´s executive summary, the methodologies/tools/manuals and the central recommendations.

Feel free to also use the search function below the world map to specify whether you want to search by country or by region and to indicate the SDG, year or language you want to search for.

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Bhutan, 2018
Performance Audit Report on the Preparedness for Implementation of SDGs


  1. The Government should provide clear policy direction
    The government should develop an action plan as a road-map/way-forward to strategically guide the implementation of SDGs and establish proper institutional arrangements.
  2. The GNHC should integrate into Five Year Plans, policies and strategies
    The GNHC should evaluate how the Ministries, Agencies and the Local Governments defined targets, baseline data and indicators.
  3. The Government should carry out an assessment of resources required
    The Government should carry out an assessment of resources required in order to determine the actual requirements of finance as well as human resources for SDG implementation.
  4. The GNHC should institute a mechanism to Monitor, Follow-up and Review the progress
    The GNHC should institute a review and monitoring tools and system like that of FYPs (APA & GPMS) in order to ensure that the progresses are on track and achieved on time.
  5. A support mechanism should be instituted for ownership of SDGs related data
    The Government should provide directives empowering the NSB to gather, generate, and produce data centrally for SDGs.


  • Preparedness Audit